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Online Wake-On-LAN
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Wake on LAN (WOL) is a standard that allows you to turn on a computer from another location over a network connection or Internet - read more about Wake-On-LAN and its proper configuration (rarely you can see it named as Wake-On-WAN. WAN = wide area network, such as Internet).

This page is an online Wake-On-LAN tool that allow you to wake up your remote computer over Internet. It can be used for PC maintainence or any similiar purpose.

The only things you should know are IP address of remote computer and it's MAC address.

Hint: You can discover IP and MAC address of your computer by running:

ipconfig.exe /all

on the computer, or you can try to find it's MAC from another computer in your local network by pinging it, then displaying ARP table (where you can see IP to MAC correspondence):

ping.exe IP_address
arp.exe -a

If you use a router you need to set it to forward all broadcast traffic from some port (typically 9) on your PC. This will only works if you have a dedicated, always-on internet connection, and a configurable router.

Here is generic configuration for router (may vary depend on your router and IP addresses used):

Name: WakeOnLan Broadcast
Enable: yes
IP Address: <--- here is the private broadcast IP address, NOT your IP like
Protocol: UDP
Private Port: 9
Public Port: 9
Schedule: Always

Please note, some router need specific configuration, please read the article if this guide don't work for you.

RSHUT Pro allows quickly and automatically shutdown and wakeup your computer, multiple remote computers in your network or over Internet.

You can:

  • Manage all computers in your LAN or domain.
  • Reboot, Shutdown and Wake Up them remotely.
  • Automate your work with built-in scheduler.
  • Use command line mode and remote deployment.
  • Save your time and electrical energy.

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IP or host name (Your IP via proxy, Houston, United States)
MAC (twelve digits like 00-11-D8-A1-44-1C)
SecureOn password (optional, see notes below)
Schedule on (specify time of wakeup or leave blank for immediate execution)
Timezone (Select your time zone for correct schedule)


  • IP-address can be specified either in decimal (like or as DNS name (like
  • You can specify multiple IP addresses (comma separated). MACs should be also comma separated for appropriate IPs.
  • When your computer behind a firewall or it has specific VLAN or subnet bit-mask use broadcast IP of your network (for example for 10.10.2.* subnetwork), otherwise it will be automatically calculated and used your default network mask. Please consult your network administratior or ISP if you don't sure how to do this.
  • The port 7 and port 9 is used by default to send WOL packet. You can specify other port in the range 1024-65535 if necessary in form Your_IP:Port_Number. Check that your firewall routes broadcast messages sent on this port to your network to ensure WOL successful execution.
  • Some network cards support a security feature called SecureOn that allow you to set a Magic Packet password. The password is 6 bytes. You can enter it as a text string or like a MAC in hexadecimal form as AA-BB-CC-DD-EE-FF.
  • Schedule wakeup is available only up to one week toward. You can schedule multiple wakeups. If your timezone includes part of a hour you can append something like "+7:30" in schedule string.
  • There is no guarantee that remote computer waken up even if Magic Packet successfully sent because there is no command confirmation from remote computer. But we do the best trying to wake-up your remote PC and it would be waken up if there is no network problems delivering this command to your computer!

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