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Configuring TP-Link router for Wake-On-LAN
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 Configuring TP-Link router for Wake-On-LAN
Configuring router for Wake-On-LAN
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Some routers require specific configuration for correct Wake-on-LAN working.

Below is a quick guide how to configure it with TP-Link router:

Open an administration page of your router. Typically it is available at the address but in your case it may be other depend on your router configuration.

First you need to open section Forwarding->Virtual Servers and create a new record for a computer you wish to wake up remotely over the Internet. Here you need to specify its IP address and a port on which you will wake up it. Typical port for Wake-On-LAN 7 or 9 but you can use any other. As a protocol you can specify UDP or ALL.

Next you need to follow the section IP & MAC Binding->Binding Settings and do the following:

  • Enable Arp Binding.
  • Add a new record for a PC you suggest yo wake up remotely specifying IP and MAC address of it. Enable Bind checkmark for it.

Now you can open site and wake up you PC successfully!

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